Tweetbot and limits on number of tweets


So Tweetbot on iOS at any point in time shows only like 1500 unread tweets. Now, sometimes I go days without launching Tweetbot and I want to see all the tweets from when I last opened Tweetbot till current.

I’m starting to think that tweetbot limits it to 1500 or there is some other limitations from Twitter or iOS. I end up missing many tweets.

Is anyone familiar with this? Is there any other twitter app that shows all unread tweets. I’m not expecting like weeks worth of unread tweets. But it should at least have the last 2 days. I tend to be behind 24-36 hours on my twitter time line at any point in time.

Thank you


Last year Twitter imposed API changes and onerous additional fees on 3rd-party Twitter client developers causing them to scale back some features in their apps