video podcasts not playing video after tvos12 update

Since updating to tvOS12 on my Apple TV 4K my podcasts don’t play video anymore

I usually watch Macbreak weekly, iOS today, the new screensavers and triangulation but when it tries to play and error comes up and says please try again later

The video podcasts play fine on my iPhone, iPad and through iTunes but on the Apple TV podcast app is the only place I get this error

Has anyone had this since updating or can someone please try an episode and confirm if they’re having an issue as well?

Yep same here and I also have the same problem with the Mac Show on the British Tech Network


I forgot to mention I’ve already deleted the podcast and resubscribed

I called AppleCare who told me it must be a twit server side incompatibility, they told me to write a review with my story as that goes directly to the developers

Jump on an iOS device and go to one of the podcasts and write a review telling them as well so they’re more aware and it becomes a higher priority to fix