Two MacBook Pro sleep questions

I recently got 2gig fiber installed at the house, and so I have been going down the rabbit trail of getting updated cables, router, playing with settings, etc. Two questions have arisen:

  1. I have a 2.5G USB-C ethernet adapter that works great and I get 2.5gig speed when I plug it in. However, when the Mac goes to sleep it usually falls back to 1gig. I only get 2 gig again when I unplug it and plug it back in. Is there a way around this (besides keeping the Mac awake at all times when connected to power?)

  2. Somewhat related question – is there ANY way (if I wanted to, I realize it would almost always be pointless and dumb) to keep the MacBook awake IF I close the lid and IF I am on battery and IF there are no connected peripherals (mouse, external monitor, etc.)? As far as I have been able to gather, this is utterly impossible on Ventura (no terminal command, no 3rd party app like Caffeinate, etc.) will change this, If lid closes in these conditions, MacBook is going to sleep, period.

Do I have this right? I am on Ventura, which I assume does make a difference.

P.S. As a follow-up to #2, is there a way, even if Mac goes to sleep in these conditions, to remotely wake it up? I have never been exactly sure of what “Wake on LAN” means, but I think that requires a wired connection, doesn’t it?

1 - Have you tried bouncing the adapter?
From the terminal “networksetup -listallhardwareports”
will help you identify your USB network adapter and then
“sudo ifconfig - your USB network identifier - down”
e.g. sudo ifconfig en15 down
“sudo ifconfig - your USB network identifier - up”
e.g. sudo ifconfig en15 up

2 - Right :slight_smile:
No option in the battery or energy saver settings allows a MacBook
to remain awake with the lid closed if an external monitor isn’t plugged in.
That means you’ll have to install a third-party app to keep your MacBook
from sleeping without plugging in an external monitor.

3 - Wake on LAN will work with a wireless adapter, BUT
network infrastructure is often overlooked. As an example,
Will your $10 no name Amazon switch pass the packet?
Just be aware that the entire path length must be considered.

As an aside Macs will wake from SLEEP but not from Powered Off.

Thanks for this! For #1, I assume this might be a solution if I remotely accessed the MacBook, waking it from sleep. Then I could “bounce” it with the terminal commands and maybe boost the speed back up?

Mostly, I have solved this by: (1) setting my MacBook not to sleep at all when connected to power, and (2) installing Amphetamine, which does it via a third party app for battery situations. Even disables the lid close sensor if I want.

Yes, Amphetamine is a goos choice