Ugly rant about new iPhones

On the Camera Corral point, I’d’ve gone for a 2 by 2 grid of 4 cameras.

Perhaps that’s next.

But aesthetically, the design is not that great. Thats why so many people make fun of it. It is just too disruptive. They should either tweak the camera design or the design of the phone. But they took an old phone design and put a new camera design on it.

The phone still looks nice, as it should, since its the peak of an very old design. But Apple is asking a top price, so they should also deliver a top design.

No, I am just not a blind Apple fan :slight_smile:

Design flaws of the new iPhones regarding the camera are hardly subjective. But if you prefer to defend every Apple decision because “reasons”, that’s you fight.

The cameras and the OLED display are the defining factors that separate consumer and pro (perceptions). As well as separating people from $300 more of their money.
Prominently featuring the cameras is similar to the red dot on the crown of Watch series 3, or the double loop of the Hermès. It’s a way of signaling others that you paid more.

Agree Diane, and have no problem with the hump since both my previous 8+ and now my 11 were/are in clear cases so it didn’t matter. Love the camera on the 11 – night mode is awesome. Getting $300 on my 8+ trade-in so the price of the 11 is a good deal.

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Spiders are bad. They will kill you. And they look like ugly iPhone 11s.


I agree on the camera but not the OLED vs LCD. Apple could easily use the XS OLED on the 11 and the PRO would still have a superior “pro” display. But why lower your margin if you don’t have to :slight_smile: And the notch is just a sad reminder that Apple is playing catching up with other brands.

Camera design per se is fine and I like it. But the whole package is sth different. The camera looks almost alien on the phones. And my theory is that the phones are the last iteration of an obsolete design and the camera is made for the new 2020 design.

Subjective opinion is one thing, definitive claims are another. :peace_symbol:

Which Apple products didn’t engender ridicule at some point? I remember slams against the AirPods as looking like ‘unicorn penises.’ Remember the brouhaha about the ‘notch’? The trashcan Mac? The iPhone itself?

Then you’ve never made a line of items with product segmentation pricing.

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I’m not tryin to add something to the discussion, but I like the notch… and find that serves a couple of purposes too…


Yes, both the front and the back of the new iPhones were designed for form as well as function. Several Android smartphones using triple or quadruple lens systems feature a variety of arrangements, most aligned horizontally or vertically, although some with square modules as well. Apple’s utilizing a zig-zag design in its square module apparently functions to eliminate the stuttering seen on Android phones when zooming in/out. As Mashable explained, “On Android phones, where the three cameras are usually aligned in a row, you have to physically shift the phone to the left or to right to recompose a shot, and doing so feels less like zooming in and out and more like switching to separate cameras”

As for the notch, the loud whiners from 2017 seem to have all quieted down, haven’t they…

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I now have a Space Grey 11 Pro and I think that it’s absolutely gorgeous in person. The mat glass on the back looks and feels fantastic, and the camera cluster looks no more ridiculous on this phone than does a camera lens look on a camera. Of all the multi-lens phones that I’ve seen, this is the most attractive (least unattractive?)

It’s all subjective, of course, but in my eyes this is far from an ugly phone.

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I played with it at the Apple Store and with a friend’s. I was pleasantly surprised by how much more grippy the mattte back was compared to my XS Max. I was also surprised by how slippery Apple’s clear case was on it!


Apparently it’s important that the cameras are equidistant from each other. 3 is the limit in that case.

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If the cameras have to be equidistant from one another they could still include four (or more) and use only the three most appropriate for any given picture. They couldn’t put four in a square arrangement though.

Clearly that’s not scalable as a proposition so their software will have relax that limitation eventually.

Multiple lenses plus smart stitching software plus combined multiple shots (to sharpen images, to remove noise, to create more detailed, higher MP files) clearly have their advantages and we probably won’t stop at 3 lenses. The Light camera got a quarter-billion in funding a few years ago but its 16-lens, multiple-focal-length camera was a dud in the market (and it was an expensive, problematic product too) and the company is no longer selling it. But it suggests that we could add more lenses to future phones for additional benefits.


Right. But 4 - in a 2 by 2 grid is no less aesthetic than 3 in a triangle. I, of course, have no idea what the fourth one would be for. :slight_smile:

I bought an 11 Pro today.
I saw the notch and threw up in my mouth a little bit.
When I turned it around and saw the three cameras jutting so far out of the case it was all I could do not to lose my entire breakfast.

It’s a fine phone. Much more screen real estate than my SE, with a case that’s not too much larger.
The 11 Pro is 1" larger than the SE diagonally, and the screen is 1.8" larger diagonally. Plus all the other goodies. It’s a win for me.


Give it a couple of days. I broke down and got a 11 a couple of days ago. I forgot about the notch by the time I was finished setting it up.

I’ve only got two cameras but they are perfectly placed to photograph my fingers when I hold it like my old 6s. I’m working on my wetware to fix that.