Ugly regional flags in Discourse

Doesn’t anyone find the distorted and elongated flag disturbing one bit?

I do… think it ruins the reading experience too

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It makes the reading experience significantly worse.

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Interesting, I don’t see any distortion at all.


It’s a mobile web issue. Not sure if it appears like that in the app and obviously desktop versions don’t have that issue as space isn’t an issue.

I use Chrome to access the forums and I see it. The behavior is what prompted me to not use the regional flag.

@RosemaryOrchard, can you shed some light on why this happens?

This plugin was asked for when the forum first went live, and so @joebuhlig added it, I’m not sure why the images get stretched.

I just tried it via Chrome and I still see everything ok. But I’m only testing on a desktop…

Looks like it was tied to mobile only. Give that a try. I think I have it fixed.


It wasn’t mobile only as I am using Chrome on Windows machine at work. The good news is that I no longer see the stretched flags.

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Was it a Surface by chance? Or a netbook? Sometimes very specific devices can cause the system to load the wrong stylesheet.

Dell Latitude 7480 running Windows 10 and Chrome Version 72.0.3626.96.

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Definitely odd. But if it works now, I’m not going to keep playing with it. Just let me know if it shows up again.

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Thanks! It’s fixed (iPhone)


As a midatlant i need a solution for more thane one country. Or an Apple logo.