Ugly regional flags in Discourse


Doesn’t anyone find the distorted and elongated flag disturbing one bit?


I do… think it ruins the reading experience too


It makes the reading experience significantly worse.


Interesting, I don’t see any distortion at all.



It’s a mobile web issue. Not sure if it appears like that in the app and obviously desktop versions don’t have that issue as space isn’t an issue.


I use Chrome to access the forums and I see it. The behavior is what prompted me to not use the regional flag.

@RosemaryOrchard, can you shed some light on why this happens?


This plugin was asked for when the forum first went live, and so @joebuhlig added it, I’m not sure why the images get stretched.


I just tried it via Chrome and I still see everything ok. But I’m only testing on a desktop…


Looks like it was tied to mobile only. Give that a try. I think I have it fixed.


It wasn’t mobile only as I am using Chrome on Windows machine at work. The good news is that I no longer see the stretched flags.


Was it a Surface by chance? Or a netbook? Sometimes very specific devices can cause the system to load the wrong stylesheet.


Dell Latitude 7480 running Windows 10 and Chrome Version 72.0.3626.96.


Definitely odd. But if it works now, I’m not going to keep playing with it. Just let me know if it shows up again.


Thanks! It’s fixed (iPhone)


As a midatlant i need a solution for more thane one country. Or an Apple logo.