Ulysses for Mac

Hi fellow ulysses users,
Has anybody seen a problem with ulysses when a sheet is highlighted in the editor, the contents of the sheet are not displayed in the right hand screen instead the message 'no sheet selected’appears. I have checked my internet and sync with icloud and both are fine. Anybody got any ideas ?? Thanks

If this is what you mean, then no.

Hi Bowline, Almost only nothing is displayed on the right hand side apart from ‘No Sheet Selected’ right in the middle of the page. I know the sheet is there because it displays ok on my ipad. I know my ipad is talking to my mac because I created a test sheet on ipad and it appears on my mac and vice versa. Thanks

Very odd - something definitely wrong there. I’d contact Ulysses tech support; I’ve found them to be pretty responsive.

Hi @bowline , Ulysses Tech Support fairly stumped as well, however, I found that by right clicking the sheet that doesn’t display and selecting duplicate solves it, the duplicate sheet displays perfectly and then just deleting the old one seems to do the trick. I now have all mac and ios versions in perfect sync, fingers crossed it doesn’t happen again as the info was very important, but I do go overboard on backups as an insurance policy anyway. Thanks anyway for your time @bowline

Glad to hear you got it resolved, ultimately. I think that somehow your database got corrupted; not the files themselves but the pointers to them in the group(s) column. Luckily you can right click on pretty much anything in the sidebars to bring up a contextual menu which lets you invoke Quick Export, and failing that, the app creates daily backups for the last 7 days of work, and then weekly backups for the last 6 months of work.