Ulysses Nuked Me

I opened my Ulysses app on my Mac this morning and was horrified to discover that it looked like a clean install with NONE of my writing. I had a couple of different sections of novels as well as several of my sermons and other documents that I write basically every week. The backups are available so that’s wonderful, however, the iCloud checkbox is greyed out and won’t let me change it. I have no idea how this happened. Like I said, I can retrieve my writing from the backups that were enabled but I was wondering if this has happened to anyone else or is a known issue? Thanks so much!

No issues like this here, nor have I heard of it. Sorry to hear about the problem. Contact Support and they may be able to help you retrieve files.



I use Ulysses to access a set of text files in Dropbox. I’m afraid of locking up all my text in a proprietary system.

  1. You can easily set up “External Folders” that can point to a location like Dropbox or Google Drive for all your files.

  2. Word processors have proprietary file formats. Ulysses uses text, in Markdown format, using the TextBundle standard adopted by almost two dozen major Mac apps.

Sorry to hear! If you end up contacting support, please let us know how helpful they were.

How’s that going for you? I would like to do that too, but I’m nervous that the implementation still feels a little clunky, like it’s a public beta, or it works, but it’s a workaround. No?

I had a problem where my database mysteriously duplicated every file.customer support was really great, and they sent me a downloadable tool that fixed the problem in 2 minutes. I know your issue is not the same, but I hope the result is!

Well, after a couple of exchanges with their support and still not having a solution, I booted it up today and BAM, it’s fixed. No clue but very happy to have it all back. Thanks for all of your advice.


Works wonderfully. It’s almost invisible. I have to put a “@: filename” as the first line to title the file. Stays in sync across iPad, iPhone and Mac. And if I ever want to switch to another text app, it’s very easy. Been doing it for a year maybe more.

Do you use plain Markdown or Ulysses’ fancy formatting options?

I use Markdown primarily. I export out to pdf when I’m done and ready to speak live.

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