Ulysses on iOS activation

I have a setapp subscription and use Ulysses on the Mac. How can I activate it on iOS ? Do I have to pay again ?

Once I had opened Ulysses on the Mac it worked on iOS. Using the app through your Setapp subscription should allow it to work on both MacOS and iOS as long as both devices are signed into the same iCloud account.

Yep as above, need to open it on the Mac once per month (?) To validate the subscription.

Attached screenshot is what I get when I try to restore the purchase on iOS.

Perhaps ensure iCloud sync is enabled?

If you activated first on Mac with 30 days and use the same AppleID it should activate. If it doesn’t contact Ulysses or SetApp.

On the Mac go to the preferences in Ulysses and double check it is activated. On my Mac it looks like this.

Then go to the library tab and make sure content is synced via iCloud.

I don’t think I had to use the restore purchase option in iOS to get it working on an iPhone or iPad. However, it is several months since I started using Ulysses on iOS so I am not sure about this.

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