Ulysses Setup Subscription Vs Individual Subscription

I had purchased Ulysses and then was offered 18 months subscription before I do get charged for the Lifetime discounted subscription. I am also a Setapp Subscriber. Now that the 18 months are up, I want hear if you will loose the Lifetime discount of Ulysses subscription if you cancel the individual subscription. The reason I ask is if I cancel my Setapp subscription in the future. I think some of the members might be in the same boat who have purchased Ulysses and are now on Setapp too.

I recommend contacting Ulysses with this question. This way you’ll have an official response in writing.

The devs will give you the answer you need.

I am on the grandfathered-in $30/year discounted subscription but if I didn’t already own most of the apps I’d want in Setapp I’d definitely be on Setapp. Especially when deals come around - Setapp was on sale for around $60 for a year through StackSocial a month or two ago - it’s an almost unbeatable subscription offer for all the quality apps available.

I contacted support and was advised they can apply the discount back if you cancel Setapp subscription. That’s very good of them to honor, that you are still an active subscriber for them.