‘Un’-splitting tracks in Screenflow 8 - how?

Silly question – but still learning the ropes, so don’t know enough to be able to google properly!

With the video track selected, hitting “T” splits the track into separate “sections”. How do I undo that, as in, combine two sections back into one, as if I never split it in the first place?

(Btw – the error was picked up down the line, so cannot simply ‘CMD+Z).

Hope someone can point me in the right direction!

PS – as a longtime Camtasia user, quite enjoying Screenflow!

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You can Insert a clip


or undo last option (or undo a series of options).

Thank you for the link – had a look, and that was my understanding of things (good to confirm).

It’s not a major issue, since splitting a part of the track, when placed immediately adjacent to one another, doesn’t make any difference to the playback – but it’s still a slight annoyance to my OCD tendencies that a split section, cannot be made whole again.

By way of example – I drop the scrubber at the end of a sentence, but before the [next] sentence that I want to remove. I split the section at that point. I move them apart a bit (as a visual aid, with “dead space” in between), and then follow along for the next few sentences, until I get to the end of those sentences that I want to remove – place the scrubber there, and split again.

I now have [section 1-to retain] (split) [section 2-to remove] (split) [section 3-to retain].

I continue and do a whole bunch of other things – making CMD-Z no longer possible.

I then return to sections 1-3 above.
It occurs to me, when listening again, that I placed the scrubber too close to the last sentence in [section 1], and I now have a nano-second of the audio that I want in [section 1], with it instead sitting “inside” [section 2].
So, what I want to do is “un-split” [section 1] and [section 2] >> thereby making it a single, whole section again, move the scrubber a smidgen along (to properly capture all the sound of that last sentence), and then split again into [section 1], [section 2-to remove] and [section 3].

This does not appear to be possible?

So the only option(?) is to effectively create a “new” split inside [section 2], to then capture that last nano-second of the sentence that belongs in [section 1], and place this “new” [section 1b] directly after [section 1] – and then delete [section 2], leaving [section 1] [section 1b] and [section 3].

Seems it would be far simpler to allow one to “unsplit”/re-merge? [section 1] and [section 2], as opposed to now having to split off additional part to compensate for an initial error on my part.

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