Unable to access iCloud Drive

I am unable to open files on the root of iCloud Drive:

I can’t copy a file:

And I can’t save as:

A restart resolves the problem temporarily.
I am running system from an external SSD.

UPDATE: It will also not save to desktop. I don’t have Desktop/Documents iCloud synch enabled. I saved a screenshot to the desktop. At first I could open it but 20 minutes later I can’t

Any ideas what is happening?

What happens if you sign out, and back in to icloud?

Also seems like a situation where I’d reboot to see if that clears out the gremlins.


I’d also check my apfs to see if it’s a converted volume or formatted one. There’s a lot of issues with converted apfs volumes.

I’ve also experienced the issue of not being able to open any iCloud files.

The easiest way to clear the issue is to restart the Mac.

For me this usually works for a few days and then the issue recurs.

Disabling and re-enabling iCloud Drive also clears it, but again it’s only a temporary fix and it’s a lot more of a pain than re-starting.

I’ve also experienced the same problem once on my iPhone, which makes me suspect it’s more of an iCloud issue than a device specific problem. Again a device restart seemed to cure it.

Interestingly it affects multiple user accounts with different iCloud accounts at the same time. So an iCloud sign out/in wouldn’t be a real solution I assume

OK - its not an iCloud issue. I can’t save to HD either.

I can save to Drive > Users > MyAccount
I can’t save to Drive > Users

It seems to be a permissions issue despite me having admin rights.

Are you on an APFS volume?
And if so: is it an upgrade volume or a newly formatted one?
I’ve seen, and heard of, lots of issues with upgraded APFS volumes misbehaving.

Maybe time for a clone and nuke&pave?

It was an upgraded APFs volume. I nuked and paved and all seems OK (except for weird freeze every 2 days - the Mac is all getting back to the 90s with crashes, freezes and things not working!)

It’s not the best release, I agree.
Rough going, but improving slowly