Under construction

Creating an office / Mac repair workshop / Ham radio shack in a 12x12’ cottage in Santa Barbara.

Today we remove the folding doors that had no windows but plenty of gaps and will install "French Doors on both sides. Running fiber-optic and 2 extra Cat6a shielded from the house to a switch for network later this week.


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You sure know how to make people envious, looks like a good space, what are you going to do to manage the weather? Summer/Winter is coming it is going to be super hot/cold

This is in Santa Barbara California one of the nicest climates on earth :slight_smile:

Walls are insulated, will insulate the roof. Main reason for double doors on both sides is to take advantage of the cooling ocean breeze

If I ever need heat I will run a 1KW tube amp :wink:

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Limited to 400W here…but I am more into QRP. 73s.

The doors are in :slight_smile: