Unexpected appearance of a Provisioning Profile, macOS Catalina

15 minutes ago I somehow got a provisioning profile for iMovie, totally unexpected. Anybody have any idea what this is about? Note that I don’t use iMovie at all.

It’s good for 18 years!

Yep, but what would happen if I deleted it? And how did I get it in the first place?

Do you have a developer account? You should be able to log into developer.apple.com and check for any provisioning profiles?

No developer account, but AppleSeed beta testing. However this is the first time the Profiles System Preference pane has even appeared and there is nothing else in there. And I’ve never been in an iMovie beta program or was even informed about one!

But I did just see that iMovie was updated. So my guess now is that everyone has this Provisioning Profile. Perhaps this is coming for all Apple apps???

Unless I’d installed that profile myself, I’d be quite worried about it.

It seems to be just a mistake from someone at Apple and not worth worrying about:

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More here: You may notice something odd with the latest version of iMovie – The Eclectic Light Company