Unifying Kindle & Books Content

Yes. In that it doesn’t require buying Apple hardware to access my library.


Does anyone have any experience with TunesKit iBook Copy (at tuneskit.com)? The website made me a little uneasy for some reason.

Ultimately (and unfortunately) this all led nowhere. Very frustrating :confused: Thanks to all who tried to help.

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Did you decide against Epubor because of the cost, or not wanting to remove DRM, or something else…?

Just curious what you were hoping for vs what was recommended…although I’m not sure I have another idea to recommend.

I couldn’t get Epubor to work with current Kindle content. The website seems to concur.

Calibre with the dedrm plug in works fine for me, using my kindle, or my kindle app or adobe digital…

I couldn’t get that to work either. Are you using Calibre 5.x ?

I just want to add a few comments here from my view as an ebooks author (I’ve written three).

  • While Apple Books presents much nicer looking content than Kindle, Apple (the company) is much more difficult to deal with than Amazon. So I hardly considered publishing via Apple Books because of the hassle.
  • The potential market for a Kindle book is far larger.
  • It’s “one stop marketing” if you want to have both ebook and printed book versions if you go with Amazon. My sales volumes are roughly 50%-50%. Dead tree sales aren’t dead.
  • Amazon requires that the printed book be more expensive than the ebook.
  • For all the complaints about Apple taking 30% in the App Store, Amazon Kindle takes 65% with their least restrictive plan. They take 30% of the net (price less distribution fee based on number of bytes) on books priced under $10. For printed books they take 40% of the net (price less printing costs). I don’t know what Apple takes on ebooks.
  • It is possible to publish on Amazon without DRM, however they make it financially disadvantageous to do so. So I allow it even though I don’t believe in it.