Universal Apps are coming in March 2020

It seems like I joined this forum at just the right time.

Michael Tsai post on Universal Apps coming in March.

I was just about to make a blog post about all the discussion related to subscriptions when I saw this.

Universal purchases for Mac/iOS is yet another reason to go subscription.If you don’t offer universal, people will lob crap at you. If you go subscription, they will too. Might as well take the option that makes more money. Joe Cieplinski

I suppose if all you have is a hammer everything looks like a nail. It’s actually the opposite of his point. Universal Mac/iOS apps are a benefit mostly to non subscription apps. If i’m subscribing to your service for a monthly/annual cost universal binary apps mean nothing because I know i’m getting access to everything.

I bought all versions of Things because it wasn’t a subscription. Being able to make wholesale moves to a suit of apps makes sense for people still wishing to buy one off software.

A win across the board. Hadn’t thought of the advantages of a single IAP covering all Versions. Should equally work well for Subscription, outright purchase or IAP