Universal control and displays

I have a 14" MBP and a 11" iPadPro. The MBP is connected to a Studio Display and the MPB is in clamshell mode. When using universal control which button, menu item, keyboard command, or shortcut do I use to toggle screens (ie show Mac screen on the iPad and iOS screen on the Mac)?

This is not how Universal Control (UC) works. What UC does is allow sharing of a mouse/trackpad (pointing device) and keyboard between the Mac and iPad. The Mac shows the Mac UI and the iPad shows the iPad UI. The mouse pointer moves between the two, and the keyboard follows the mouse.

Sidecar on the other hand allows an iPad to act as a display for a Mac.

Screen mirroring on the iPad allows the iPad screen to be mirrored on the Mac.

Hope this helps.

Thanks. Wishful thinking on my part. I just tried to screen mirror form the iPad to the Mac while in universal control. As soon as I did that the keyboard and mouse no longer worked.