Update: I splurged on 2 bags - Thinking about buying a new bag--any experience

@Bmosbacker If only I had known you were considering a backpack instead of a shoulder bag, I would have recommended the Tom Bihn Synapse or Synik. I have one of each. Fantastic bags. Possibly the best shoulder straps of any backpack I have tried.

When I need something with a bit more capacity for a trip than my current EDC of the Waterfield Essentials, I go with the Synik.

Which is not to say that I am not headed to the Waterfield website to look at the backpack you bought…

There are some great reviews of it, I just hope I made a good decision.

+1 on the Synik. I’ve got both the Synik 22 and the Synik 30. Top notch backpacks.

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I’ve had the backpack for years. I think I bought one from the first run. It’s held up wonderfully over many trips. Perfect for conferences and meetings, and fits perfectly under a plane seat.

It’s not uncommon for colleagues to order one after seeing mine at an event.

Hope you enjoy yours.

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Merry Christmas to you!

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I think you made a great decision. I love the Waterfield products. I have their Bolt Backpack (same color scheme you chose) and their Cargo Briefcase (also the same color scheme). I always found the Tom Bihn stuff too stodgy (personal taste). Nothing wrong with their quality- just find their stuff dated. Enjoy your new bags!

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