Update iPad but not phone?

I’m not ready to update my phone to iOS 15, given what I’ve been reading here bout the problems people are having with Shortcuts and other things.

But I use my iPad much differently and am considering updating it to iPadOS 15 without updating my phone. Am I asking for trouble? I know some past releases had changes to, for example, Notes or Reminders that made it difficult to update one device and not others. Anything like that this year?

IOS 15 seemed pretty stable and I was enjoying my new Apple Watch SE. Then I updated to the latest versions of IOS and watchOS and now I get a “Apple Watch Keyboard” notification on my phone and iPad EVERY TIME I MOVE MY WRIST!

IOS 15.1 is supposed to fix it. Until then my new Apple Watch stays in my desk drawer.

IMO, there is no way to avoid the occasional glitch. Plan accordingly.

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That’s exactly what I have done, and I haven’t run into any problems. I wouldn’t normally have updated my iPad at this point (I like to wait quite a while after the initial release), but I really wanted widgets on my iPad home screen. Surprisingly, I’m not using them anywhere near as much as I thought I would. But other than Safari tabs being odd, I am perfectly happy with an iOS 15 and iPhone on iOS 14 situation.

Good luck!


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I can’t think of any one-way database upgrades either. The most might be tagging in notes, but I think they just display as regular text pre iOS 15. I also don’t know how tab groups would translate to pre-15/Monterey versions of Safari, but you presumably wouldn’t use those yet.

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Thanks all! Very helpful. Sounds like a great way to dip my toe into iOS/iPadOS 15 without taking the plunge yet.

Also, is it just me, or is the update path different than normal? If I go to Settings on my phone, it gives me an option to upgrade to iOS 15 under “Also Available”, but that’s not the default. Or maybe I just don’t remember how it went before?