UPDATE - Is this normal? Photos STILL processing after 24 hrs on 14" MBP M1 Max

I know something about this issue was posted earlier but I can’t find it so I’m posting a similar issue/question. I received and setup my new 14" MBP M1 Max yesterday. And as expected Photo started processing my photo library. My library in not that large. I have 9,889 photos and 236 short videos. Photos has been processing my photo library since last night–nearly 24 hours. It seems stuck as shown below. I’ve restarted the MBP several times but this is taking a long time. Is this normal for a modest sized library?

UPDATE: Well, five minutes after posting the above photos finished! I’m not kidding, no sooner than I’d posted the above I see this:

So, notwithstanding my embarrassment, I’m going to leave this post up as it may help someone who experiences a VERY LONG processing time.


Same issue. My M1 MBA never finished in the year I had it. The status bar was stuck at about the same place yours is. My new MBP is having the same issue.

My master library is kept on an iMac, and my research said to do a repair on the Photo’s library. Which I did, but that led to new problems, so I still don’t have it fixed.

You can try to do a repair by closing Photos, and holding Option/Command while opening Photos. It doesn’t take long.

Sorry you’re had those ongoing issues that would be frustrating. I’m fortunate in that it has finished the process so I’m good.

Your laptop clearly reads these forums. “Ah, crap - they’re on to me. Better finish up.” :smiley:


:joy: that has me laughing!!

Well thanks for posting, maybe someone can help me then. :stuck_out_tongue:

I hope so for your sake. I feel for you.

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I see that the People link takes longer to scan. And they are machine-specific, so even though my older Mac had scanned all the faces, the new Mac has to start over. I guess it’s a privacy feature but can’t they encrypt the faces data and copied over via iCloud?

Any photos you confirmed as showing a person have that data transferred. Photos then uses that information to find the other faces of that person.

I.e if I’ve confirmed my face in 100 photos and photos thinks I’m in 1000, only the 100 confirmed are transferred to a new Mac.

The ML learning is getting better and better, regularly it finds new faces in old photos. Sometimes correctly :wink: