Update new M1 MacBook Pro to Big Sur 11.0.1 from 11.0?

My new MacBook Pro 13" (16GB 1TB SSD) arrived today, running Big Sur 11.0. System Preferences indicates that an update to Big Sur 11.0.1 is available.

Should I update now, or avoid the 11.0.1 update and wait for 11.1? I vaguely recall forum posts indicating problems with 11.0.1, but I don’t recall the specifics. A brief search showed a problem with Keyboard Maestro, but I do not use that software.

I believe I read on Howard Oakley’s site that he recommends updating right away.

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I updated on my M1 mini and have not seen any issue

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.01 updates tend to be fixes for minor bugs. I’d recommend upgrading, especially on a brand new system.

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Thank you to @jec0047, @MaxxHouseMaid and @geoffaire. Upgraded to 11.0.1, no problems. Activated email accounts, installed 1Password and Dropbox, updated Apple’s productivity apps - Pages, Keynote, GarageBand, iMovie - all went smoothly and quickly.

The M1 MacBook Pro is outstanding! Keyboard is perfect. TouchID is instantaneous. Trackpad is great. Screen - bright and gorgeous. Battery charge is sipped ever so slowly. Fan noise … what fan noise? I have not heard it yet, even playing several Youtube videos simultaneously. Eventually I’ll fire up Final Cut Pro to stress it a bit.

I’m a happy camper so far.


Does this prevent the “bricking”?

I don’t know but in 16 years with modern Macs I’ve never had to do that, so I wouldn’t worry unless you have an odd edge case.

Did that several times, because it’s the quickest way for a “nuke&pave”. I want APFS encrypted as file system and would set that up from the get-go.