Update on 2011 “space heater” MBP

I changed the thermal paste and blew out the unit and there seems to be some improvement, but the fans still race, even after a fresh install of the OS and rebuild. It works but I don’t feel confident that it will last for another year, and with all the grant writing I’ve got coming up, I can’t jeopardize my progress at any point. It’ll be a good web surfing laptop to keep around home I guess.

So I took my wallet to the local Apple Store and got myself an M1 MacBook Air (8gb/8gpu 512 ssd). This thing is ridiculous in all aspects. It reminds me of that feeling of going from a flip phone to my first iPhone, it’s a night and day difference in speed and therefore usefulness: the hype is well deserved.


That’s a nine-year time warp you just went through!


It feels like getting a sports car after driving a Pinto :smile: