Update on Finder Software Alternative?

I can’t locate a number .MOV files (sadly)

I’ve learned how to do an advanced search but for some reason after a restart I get a different result with the same search criteria (which is another question?).

A search for “Named” with extension as “.MOV” and a new search “Kind” as Quick Time found files from a number of years ago but none of the ones I’m looking for.

Possibly I should install some software to assist …?

Any suggestions would be appreciated please and thank you.

Have you tried rebuilding the spotlight index? it will take a little while after to reindex.

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Fortunately/unfortunately, most of these Spotlight alternatives just search the same database that Spotlight creates. I love Alfred, and I use it to find stuff all the time, but it can’t find anything that Spotlight can’t find. It might search a little differently, return results in a different order, and let me process results differently, but the database itself is the same.


How comfortable are you with Terminal? The Unix find command would probably serve you well here :slight_smile:


Okay this seems to be showing some results now I’ve made some changes here. Fingers crossed… Really appreciate your feedback!

Good, I’m glad it helped!

I might resort to terminal commands, but for now I’ve some success with rebuilding the spotlight index … so far, thanks for the suggestion.

Heard so much about Alfred …I’ll have to look at that …appreciate the suggestion