Updated Apple Mail Salutation Scripts

Hi Gang,

I’ve updated my email salutation script (and added a few more). Enjoy.


Love these - many thanks for the update @MacSparky.

One question, would it be possible to use Keyboard Maestro for the applescript and expansion combo, rather than doing the text-expansion part with Text Expander?

That should absolutely work. I’m buried right now or I’d figure it out for you but KM can do text expansion and AppleScript, so you should be good.

This is by far my most used text expansion in Keyboard Maestro, thanks for the update.

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I just tested the new script that includes multiple recipients and it works perfectly in Keyboard Maestro.

Here’s a link to all my KM email scripts that I use, including the salutations and one that creates a link to the currently selected email in Mail (also inspired my MacSparky!). The xmhi one is for multiple recipients…


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Thank you very much. This is great!

Is the script still working for people using macOS 13.5? I am sure TextExpander was working fine previously and delivering the full salutation, now I just get “Hello”. I suspect this is something to do with Privacy and Security, but I have checked all through this. Any suggestions?