Updated home screens/widgets for new workflow 2021

I have nearly finished my year-end tweaking of my workflows for use in 2021. The final tweak was redoing my home screens, widgets, and dock to match. On the iPhone and iPad I have Fantastical and Things 3 stacks, which I’ve attempted to show below.

Which, brings me to the fact that I changed my mind about Fantastical. Despite my multiple posts stating that I did not consider $40 subscription with it, I decided to give it a full year trial run, which is reflected in the widgets on the screen shots. I’m enjoying Fantastical. I’ll reassess whether or not, given my workflow needs, if I believe I’m getting sufficient ROI. I’ll reassess this and my entire workflow at the end of 2021.

The screen shots below are in the order in which the iPhone and iPad widget stacks show when scrolled. The firsts for iPhone and iPad are my “default” views.


Are widgets for the iPad confined to just the left column? Is there any way to put them anywhere else?

Not possible yet. Rumor has it it’s for the next iPadOS version.

I will be interested in Fantastical widgets if / when iPad OS gets more flexible widget support.