Updates vs. upgrades - semantically, what’s the difference?

Thinking about a question @fuzzygel asked on a different thread… It used to be that updates were mostly things like free bug fixes, and upgrades were things like new versions or additional licenses / feature sets…

But now we have “subscriptions to updates” which are also the only way to get subsequent features, and all sorts of weirdness.

Since we’re opinionated folk, I wondered how y’all see the difference - if there even is one - in our modern context. Thoughts?

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that is my understanding too. For example, updates cover 10.0 to 10.xx but upgrades will be 11.0. At least that used to be the case but I guess the line is blurring

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Well, to me, update is a maintenance release and upgrade is an improvement release.

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well said, you put this succinctly. Can’t agree more

The bigger the IT population gets the more vague the terminology gets.

  • Update/upgrade
  • Upload/download (outside the context of the internet mostly)
  • Resolution
  • Programmer/developer
  • App(lication)/program