Updates with new features

What I’d like to know is when the iPhone and iPads are going to be updated to os15.

Also when Monterey will be released.

Any predictions?

Also if anyone knows where I can watch info on the new features.

I didn’t realize this “event” was going to be a prolonged commercial.

Events are always prolonged commercials! Expect iOS15 when the new iPhones arrive on the 24th. They probably will drop the upgrades at the same time. Because of feature integration with macOS, expect Monterey at the same time.

Meanwhile be sure to update all your devices with that security patch NOW.


Monday 20th according to 9to5 Mac … for IOS15 and WatchOS8


Federico can breath a bit easier if that’s correct.


Thanks! What security patch might that be?

iOS 14.8, iPadOS 14.8, macOS Big Sur 11.6 and watchOS 7.6.2 all dropped today with fixes for a no-click zero-day exploit that was being used by spyware firm NSO Group:


Thank you very much, Chris!

I think Apple normally keeps iOS and MacOS updates at least 1 week apart, with the iOS update coming first. 3rd week September normally is a good time to expect a release…

My bet would also be around the 24th, but not the day itself as it is a Friday, which is never a good release day.

Normally big releases are done on an early weekday, say Monday 20th. We need to ask @ismh to do a “software” update to his hardware calendar as well and put the iOS and MacOS release dates on the calendar.

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While there was a three-year run corresponding to iOS 10-11-12 where they were about a week apart, if you look at the longer-term that was more the exception than the rule:

iOS version iOS release date macOS version macOS release date interval
iOS 7 September 18 Mavericks October 22 34 days
iOS 8 September 17 Yosemite October 16 29 days
iOS 9 September 16 El Capitan September 30 14 days
iOS 10 September 13 Sierra September 20 7 days
iOS 11 September 17 High Sierra September 25 8 days
iOS 12 September 17 Mojave September 24 7 days
iOS 13 September 19 Catalina October 7 18 days
iOS 14 September 16 Big Sur November 12 57 days

Note that during the big cat/pre-iOS 7 era the two were not synced up at all, with Mac OS often coming out months before iOS, or even skipping years entirely.


Thx. was looking for that view, but couldn’t find it that quickly!.

The third Sept week for iOS has been pretty consistent though!

Last post I saw he was running out of actions on his project!

Where can I get the patches?

You download updates from the Settings App. Go to General, then Software Updates.

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Hi! I found it for the iPhone and iPad but cannot find it for the Mac.

Look at Software Update in System Preferences

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Got it!!! Thank you.

Seems like a project for another time :sunglasses:


I just want to know when the .1 releases will be. I don’t want to fight the early breakage.

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Would it really be new if it’s been out in beta?

I guess 15.1 will be there within the first month. They also put a few features on the backburner for the full release during betas, so will likely want to come out with them a.s.a possible …

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