Updating from El Capitain

Dear all,

For a number of reasons (the most important of them is me being lazy and not using my personal mac a lot, but rather using the iPad…), my mid-2013 Macbook Air still runs ‘El Capitain’. I finally want to update it to the newest stable version, and then maybe even to Mohave.

Here’s my question: Would you recommend updating “step by step”, one OS version after another, or can (or should) I “jump” to the current stable version, i.e. bypass ‘Sierra’ and directly install ‘High Sierra’?

I do not want to perform a clean install, but just migrate the system whilst keeping my data on the machine.

Your help is much appreciated!


Last christmas I gave you my heart, but the very next day, my parents gave me a mid-2013 MBA with El Capitain on it.

What I did is just install High Sierra on it, I don’t think anything else is possible, and besides Mojave is super stable, you should install it on another partition/HDD, I ended up deleting High Sierra, cheers!

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Thanks! I believe it would be possible to download the old Sierra installer first and upgrade in to steps, too. But unless there is any immanent advantage for transitioning a system, I will go ahead and skip Sierra.