Updating iPad Air and keeping accessories

I currently have an iPad Pro 10.5" that was purchased in 2017. I’m thinking of updating to a cellular model to utilise GPS etc for a flight planning app (https://ozrunways.com) however so save some money I’m looking to get the iPad Air. Can I reuse the existing accessories (Smart Keyboard and Pencil) that I have today? Anything features I’m going to miss out on?

Based on what I read on Apple’s site, it looks like both the 1st generation Apple Pencil and Apple Smart Keyboard (for 10.5 inch iPad Pro) will work.

The only unknown is if Apple made a change to the keyboard between the version originally sold just for the 10.5 iPad Pro and the time the 3rd generation iPad Air and 7th generation iPad were released. For reference, my keyboard shows model number A1829 and was purchased around the time the 10.5 iPad Pro came out. I don’t have access to an iPad Air or current iPad so cannot test to see if it works.

You could always go to the store with the accessories and give them a try on a display model? (of course that won’t work online :slight_smile: )

Greetings, I have done exactly the same as you are planning. I swapped my 2017 iPad Pro 10.5" for a new iPad Air (3rd Gen). My SmartKeyboard cover and my Apple pencil both made the transition just fine - as did the Smart Cover. I too wanted cellular data and more space and the iPad Air I bought was $180 (USD) off at B&H Photo so I could not resist. I hope you enjoy the change - I can tell you my wife enjoyed getting the iPad Pro 10.5" as well. :slight_smile: One downside to the swap - the speakers on the Air are not as nice but are sufficient for my needs. The performance of the Air seems snappier to me so I’m happy.

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Thanks - it looks like that’s what I’ll do!