Upgrade from iPad Pro 10.5 to 2020 iPad Pro 11?

Hi everyone,
I use my iPad Pro mainly for social media, media consumption and photo editing (Lightroom mainly). I am thinking of upgrading to the 2020 iPad Pro 11 in mainly for the usb C and pencil 2. Any one taken the same route? I don’t NEED to upgrade. The one I have serves me fine but want something new one and shiny :). Should I upgrade or wait for the next release?

IMO, you just answered your own question. As long as what you have is working, you can save your money. Or not :smile:


If you use your pencil a fair amount, the 2nd gen pencil is a great upgrade for the mode switch. The magnetic charging is convenient but probably not a big deal to you if you already have a good charging and carrying system. The iPad is as lovely as it looks and the design makes it quickly usable in more situations. I’d say to go for it if you are fine spending the money.


if it serves you well, you might just want to wait a bit? There are rumours about a new line next year. (and yes I know, it’s hear-say)
Maybe the 2020’s will be at a discount then, and the new one might be reasonably priced, so you never know


I’d agree- I use the pencil way more than I ever did with v1.

I’ll echo what @cornchip said.

If you’re a heavy Pencil user, the second gen is much more convenient, so upgrading is likely worth it if you can afford it.

If you really don’t use the Pencil much, I’d probably hold off, tuck money away, and see what comes along.

I did that. I have my 10.5 to my daughter and I took the new model. I love it. The device itself is gorgeous to hold and look at. I love the new pencil too.
Your mileage may vary

Slightly different perspective, for whatever it’s worth: soon after the release of the 2020 11” Pro, I saw a 2018 11” Pro on EBay for a very desirable price— 256GB, cell + wifi. At the time I owned a 10.5” that I was very happy with, and for a couple of years up until that point I had convinced myself that I could live without an upgrade, and that I couldn’t justify the expense of yet another iPad. Suffice to say, I went ahead and picked up the 2018 11” Pro quicker than you can say “buy it now”. And I haven’t regretted it since. If nothing else, it’s a gorgeous slab of technology with an outstanding screen. It feels premium, and it’s a joy to work on…

…but the iPad I use more often than not is an iPad Mini 5. I know. Shock, horror. I myself wouldn’t have believed it a few years ago, but I’ve become a real believer in the Mini form factor— small enough to be pocketable (depending on the jacket I’m wearing), powerful enough to do most of what I use an iPad for, and nearly always with me.

Something I haven’t seen many other people comment on is that the difference in size between those two Pro models is enough that the 11” feels just a little too big for me to comfortably hold in hand and thumb-type on. Don’t get me wrong: it’s entirely possible, and I can do it if I really want/have to. Also, you might not hand hold it much, if at all— if your iPad is going to spend the entirety of its existence in a keyboard cover, you’ll be fine. I’m one of those strange people who can’t stand that clamshell set-up, and I sometimes use mine to make notes in stand-up meetings, or as a presentation aid (among many other things). 10.5 was about as big as I felt I could get away with. Maybe it’s just the size of my hands.

Regardless, it sounds like your use case is good grounds for the 11” (particularly the media consumption and photo editing) and it doesn’t sound like the cost might be too much of a limitation for you. You’ll enjoy the new shiny if you decide to go for it. :))

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I hate this thread with every fiber of my being - because I want to do exactly the same thing, for basically the same reasons. I’ve had the 10.5 since it was first released, and for those first three years, the Apple Pencil sat in a drawer; it’s existence only reminding me that I have no artistic ability and handwriting on the iPad could not reliably be converted to editable text.

Then, in the beginning of 2020, I got the Sweet Setups 2020 Daily Focus guide for GoodNotes, and everything changed. I now write every morning, with most of it then being exported as editable text with very few errors. Even when the keyboard is with me, I’ll choose to do most of this with the pencil. And now, running the beta of iOS 14, the scribble feature is really handy for farting around with the pencil.

that said, my pencil is deal every few days, and charging it is technically easy and logistically annoying. and that mode switch button on the pencil 2 to switch from ink to eraser? so jealous.

(also, FWIW, my 10.5 is WiFi only, and that’s been way more annoying since the pandemic. Counterintuitively, since I’m rarely leaving the house, you would think I would always be on wifi. but since when I do want to get out, I’m usually in my car and not near a wifi network. I can tether to my phone, but I really miss the convenience of having that extra connectivity!)

Is that worth $1000? probably not. but am I considering it anyway? Absolutely. And this thread is NOT helping, haha!!!

A simple option to keeping your older Pencil charged, without dealing with Apple’s (absurd) design is using an inexpensive USB adapter.

Still rocking the 9.7" iPad Pro here.

I know. I have four of these, and yet never one when I need it.
The other challenge of the Apple Pencil 1 is that if you keep the pencil in close vicinity to the ipad (like in the same bag) you are slowly draining the pencil battery!

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Should we read anything into this? I just happened to be on the Apple website, and the iPad Pro delivery dates are all pushed out to late August/early September. Other iPads are shipping much faster. Phones still shipping immediately. Am I just being paranoid???

Production of iPhone 12s has priority over iPads?

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That has been the case since May. I have been tracking the shipping/availability and on most days it was at least 3-4 weeks.