Upgrade OmniFocus and delete old version

Probably a silly question. I downloaded OmniFocus 3 from the App Store and bought the pro license. The app found my version 2 data. Now I have 2 OmniFocus apps on the iPad. When I try and delete ver 2 it says it will delete my data. Adding a task in 3 makes it appear in 2, so does that mean the two versions are using the same data, or is it just being synced? Is it safe to delete ver. 2?

It’s perfectly safe to delete v2

I deleted OF2 on my iPad, mostly because the icons looked almost identical and I kept opening the wrong one. No impact to data, though you could make sure you have an iCloud backup before hitting the switch.

Installed 3, tested it, then immediately deleted 2, no problem.

Great question, not silly! :+1:

Installed on phone, deleted ver 2, no problems. Thanks, guys.