Upgrade to Monterey

Just upgraded my 2015 MBA to Monterey. Didn’t really time it as I was doing other stuff around the house. So far there are no issues. This is my travel machine and I’m not going anywhere anytime soon so figured if it work well on the Air then it will,be fine on my M1 iMac.

I haven’t had anything published! I did have an agent at one point.

I have a hard time finishing stuff. If I’m feeling good I get WAY too many ideas. And if I’m not, then I get writers block. If I get started I usually do fine but the Mac, iPad etc has so many things to do it’s easy to get distracted. Or I write and can’t stop. LOL!

I didn’t mean anything by pulling up the dictionary but I saw all the words and my brain started getting all sorts of ideas. When I get stuck I’m going to try it. I know they say not to use a thesaurus but if it helps- hey! For instance, for reflect one of the words was “ponder”.

One of the reasons I bought the MacBook Air is to write. I really started off strong.

I can certainly refer you to great kids books. I taught Early Childhood for a long time, usually eight year olds.

For a four year old she would love The Very Hungry Caterpillar. She’ll want to read that over and over. I can generate a list for you easily.

If you can get her hooked on books, she’ll educate herself! You’ll have nothing to worry about. Take her to the library and a bookstore, of course. That’s a terrific age. They are SO smart and so funny.

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On it! :slight_smile:

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I wrote up a list for you. I selected about 25 of my favorites and the kids’ favorites! Let me know where to send it, ok?


woohoo! sure: billjw05@gmail.com. Thank you! :heart:

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The one gotcha for me has been the loss of built-in PHP. It’s not a surprise it’s gone - so I’ve reinstalled from Homebrew.

However my httpd.conf got ruined by the installation of Monterey - so I’m now trying to repair it.

(I rely heavily on Apache Webserver run as localhost, with numerous PHP scripts.)

Bill, I assure you, it was my pleasure! Now I have it!

Btw, Sweetie the Kitty came by yesterday!

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Sent you a reply. Hugs to Sweetie! Also just realised I could have messaged you directly! :wink:

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You can try Takeout which simplifies the process of running dockers.

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Installed last night on my M1 MBA. Only issue I’ve come across so far is that my ASUS Zenscreen doesn’t seem to work anymore - downloaded the most recent Displaylink drivers and it doesn’t seem to be picking up the monitor anymore. The driver on Displaylink’s website does say macOS Monterey Beta, not the release version so not sure if that’s the reason. Downside is that it means my dock at work is unlikely to work either.


sounds like you and I are on the same boat. I am retired and doing something similar to what you mention. I am in Sydney by the way, glad to meet a fellow Aussie here.

I also have a 4yo granddaughter who loves reading books and listening to stories, I tried to read as many as I could but get tired and run out of books, I found FarFaria and bought a lifetime license during discount (look for Cyber Monday I guess)

Now the 4yo can find the app on my iPad (after I unlock it) and start reading by herself. I had to limit her read to control her screen time use though.


Hey @fuzzygel hello from the other side, Perth. There are a few Aussies here. One, I am not sure who it is, is the husband of a work colleague of mine.
And I also found out the creator of Keyboard Maestro is also an Aussie who used to live in my suburb! (I am famous by association! :joy:)

But I digress: thanks for the FarFaria link. Will check it out. I am seeing Alex (granddaughter) tonight so will take my iPad along!

Would you like a list of about 25 great storybooks geared to a four year old? I made one up for Bill last night. I’m a retired teacher and overgrown kid. I know what kids love from experience.

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John, Disk Utility worked like a charm!!! I was ready to send it back to Amazon.

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Cool! Glad you got it going!

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that would be great, thanks in advance

While I have experience of Docker, my Apache / PHP setup is not containerised. In the end I installed them both via Homebrew - which had a knock-on impact:

PHP 8 objected to some of my coding sloppiness so I spent half a day chasing down why scripts weren’t working.

All good now, and I get to be more up to date - to the extent 'brew will let me.

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And at work today, it works perfectly fine on my Lenovo ThinkPad dock. :man_shrugging: Today it did ask for screen recording permissions, so that could be it.

Does anyone that charge their macbook from external display with USB-C Display Port cannot charge anymore since upgraded to Monterey?

This happened to me, with AOC 24P2C connected via Display Port → USB-C → MacBook Air M1 Monterey.

Something cool - if you use your Memoji as your user id icon (not iCloud) and when you are typing your password, the Memoji will look at the password field. If you typed wrongly, the Memoji will frown, or he will show a vomiting face and a few other hilarious reactions.

Try it! That’s so delightful!