Upgraded to macOS 12.4

… not exactly what I expected …



The consistancy is remarkable ….

Ahhhhhh the “Special” menu!

Ha - how I wish that aesthetic again!

I miss how you can minimize your window and there’s a bar left on the desktop. I don’t miss the puck mouse though.

That is the new design, after Ive had left…

A bit more info on what’s going on here. I did update my Mac Studio to 12.4. And that is an actual running instance of MacOS 9.2.1.

I have a subscription to Parallels, but my need to run Windows has waned. It is nice to be able to run the occasional Windows app though. So I was looking for a replacement and came upon UTM.

Alas, it has not been smooth sailing. I was not able to get Windows 11 Arm nor Ubuntu 20.04 Arm to install and run. But I was able to get MacOS 9.2.1 up and running. A fun bit of nostalgia.

Not quite ready to replace Parallels, but worth keeping an eye on.