Upgrading to OmniFocus 3

OK, I decided to upgrade the Mac version of Ominfocus to 3. I’ve been using the IOS version for a while, so it was really a no-brainer of a decision.

Went to the App Store and downloaded the trial, and clicked the Buy button on first loading. Selected the Pro version, which is what I’ve been using with ver. 2. The App Store rejected my purchase, telling me there was a problem with a previous purchase and dumping me into the purchase method screen. I thought maybe I hadn’t updated the card when it had expired, so I did that, and tried again. Same problem, except that now the App Store told me that the card had been blocked. I fired up the mobile to check the banking app, although I was sure I had sufficient cash in the account. Notifications showed me a message from the bank telling me that I needed to contact them about a recent attempted transaction, and that my card had been “restrained from further use”. So I called the bank, who told me that they had blocked the transaction because it was suspicious. Huh? They hadn’t interfered when I bought a HomePod yesterday. The lady on the phone said thy were just trying to protect my account. Crap they were, they were trying to protect themselves. She said that she could allow me to buy the software provided that I repeated back to her the code she sent to my phone, which I did. She then asked me if there was anything else she could do for me, and I explained that since I didn’t want to be on the phone to her at all, no there wasn’t.

So I successfully processed my App Store transaction and now have a functioning copy of Omnifocus 3, albeit after considerably more trouble than I thought I was going to have. I wish that the install process offered to replace the launch icon for Omnifocus 2 with the one for 3, instead of leaving you with 2 identical app icons…

I hate banks.

Dear @dajashby

To lighten your load, you can also change the icon for OmniFocus 3 yourself (as it has indeed turned back to the icon used previously by OmniFocus 2).
Below is the link with the instructions, and the (alternative) icon (as png), from the sneak-peak to OmniFocus 3 publication of @RosemaryOrchard


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