Uploading to Overcast

So I uprgraded to Overcast premium and now I can upload content. But is it correct that there is no possibility to add several files at once? I have a podcast that only has the recent episodes available in the RSS feed, but you can download the older ones from the homepage. Do I have to add each file individually to Overcast in order to listen to them from the app?

I saw recently that with a recent update, you can select multiple files when uploading, and you should be able to drag multiple files into the web interface.


Great, I will try again!

Brilliant. I have a file from a podcast that doesn’t exist anymore. It’s on my computer but it never hit me to upload it to Overcast. Thanks for this solution.

And yes, I also thought I just read that Overcast allows multiple uploads now. Hope that worked out for you.

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I use an excellent program called Join Together to combine (eg) audiobook files into one file before uploading. Makes management very simple.

Yes, it works now! And it seems to have increased the possible storage to 10 GB as well (i think it was 1 or 2 before, wasn’t it?)

Yes to both those in a recent update

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Does anyone know if its possible to upload articles from a read-it-later service of choice, or otherwise, to Overcast and have those saved articles read through Overcast?