URL in Drafts app shared to Safari

I just watched @MacSparky’s Drafts video and also read @RosemaryOrchard’s writeup over on MacStories. Very useful. I had no idea that Drafts was that robust on the Mac side. I just recently downloaded it on the Mac when I upgraded to Mojave but I was under the assumption that all it was was a simple storage of notes that synced to my iPhone since the Mac version didn’t have actions.

As I’ve briefly thought about it, given the feature of Workspaces, I thought about starting to switch my Apple Notes to Drafts. (Don’t worry, this is not a question on what is the best note-taking app to use.)

I love how I can use the share sheet in Drafts on the Mac. However, one use I have for a notes application is saving a webpage to refer to later. In Drafts, I would love to click on that link and have it open up in Safari. The problem is that I see no option to do that. I don’t have Safari in the Share Sheet menu.

Is this functionality available somehow?

If you click the link button or choose Link Mode from the Editor menu, the links will become clickable. If you use this frequently, it would probably be worth assigning a keyboard shortcut to the Link Mode menu item using System Preferences.


p.s. It’s great to see Drafts on the Mac! It’s useful in its current form…and will be even more useful once actions are available.

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Thanks, @timstringer. That is helpful.

I would kill to have a global preference to always have Link Mode to always be on. It’s aggravating to have it change out of link mode as soon as you leave the individual draft. Time to provide feedback to the developer!

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