URL schemes to files on Mac OS with native app

A friend of mine uses nvALT for writing notes.He really likes its simplicity, speed, search function, etc. Yesterday he said that occasionally he misses being able to include an image into one of his nvALT text files. Now, of course there are lots of options for media-rich note taking, but I thought some of you might have an idea whether or not there are native MacOS apps that use URL schemes so that he could link to an image (or pdf) from within nvALT.

I know he could do this through an app like DevonThink Pro, but I’m curious if there are native or free apps that would allow him to create a URL-scheme to a doc (of any kind) that does not mean building a new database.

Any thoughts?

Other than using file:/// urls?

Alternatively it’s not that hard to create your own with a bit of AppleScript



Thanks @dfay. The File:/// is pretty embarrassing frankly – it just was passing my mind completely. The AppleScript scenario is pretty interesting (but more than my mate needs). Cheers. Simon

File URLs can be quirky sometimes - not all apps will treat them as URLs - I use them mostly in TaskPaper where they work great.

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