USB Audio in Catalina

Was there a USB audio change in Catalina? Since I updated to Catalina my Waveterminal U2A causes anything outputting audio to freeze up. Spotify tells me that it can’t play the current song and Youtube videos just stop. I know that the unit is 18 years old, but it worked OK under Mojave and even better in Windows.

I haven’t had any issues, but my interface is way newer.

I was hoping to squeeze some more use out of it, but it looks like it might be time to upgrade my audio interface.

I reinstalled Catalina because of a bunch of other problems that I was having, but the U2A still doesn’t work. I logged into Windows to check it out there, and it doesn’t even show up. I could have sworn that I used it last week. It does work on my old Mac Pro running El Capitan.