USB C and iPad pro

I bought an Anker USB C charger and a USB C to lightning cable to use quick charging on my original iPad pro. The combination does charge, but very slow, much slower than the normal USB A cable.
Now, in the description of the Anker charger it said that it’s not made for charging iPads, but many customers said it works, so I figured this was just a disclaimer. The cable was supposed to be specifically licensed for this purpose, but it was pretty cheap.
So is it the cable or the charger? Anyone successfully charging the iPad pro (lightning port) with that 5-port Anker charger?

Anker PowerPort+ 5 Premium 5-Port 60W USB Type C

Rock USB Typ C:

When I was researching USB-C to Lightning fast charging for my original 12.9” iPad Pro a couple of years ago the info I found indicated that the Anker charger you linked to would not fast charge an iPad over a USB-C to Lightning cable.

I‘m afraid you’re right. I shouldn’t have believed the amazon reviews.

I have the same Anker PowerPort+ 5 charger.

I get the following details from iMazing when I connect my iPad 10.5 with an original Apple USB-C to Lightning cable to the PD-port:
Battery State: Charging (13.3 Watt)
Battery Instant Amperage: 3164 mA
Battery Instant Voltage: 4204 mV
Charger: pd charger
Charger Watts: 45
Charger Voltage: 15000 mV
Charger Amperage: 3000 mA

When I connect it with a Belkin USB-A to Lightning cable I get:
Battery State: Charging (6.4 Watt)
Battery Instant Amperage: 1542 mA
Battery Instant Voltage: 4169 mV
Charger: usb brick
Charger Watts: 12
Charger Voltage: 5000 mV
Charger Amperage: 2400 mA

So I think it is indeed your cable.

Hey, that would be great. Would be much easier to change the cable than the whole charger.

I have the newer version of that charger that I use with an Apple cable and it seems to fast charge a 10.5” iPad Pro fast.

I think the link on the German Amazon site is:

But here is a screenshot of the product info from the US Amazon site.

Hm, the one I have is supposed to be an updated version already, hence the „plus“. But maybe yours is even newer.
I should probably just buy the expensive Apple cable and try it with that one.

Or does anyone know a third-party cable that’s definitely working? I am reluctant to pay 39€ for a simple charging cable …

When I did my research earlier this year, the consensus was that only the Apple USB-C to Lightning cable could handle fast charging. Perhaps there are now third party cables available; I have not kept current on them since I haven’t needed to purchase another cable.

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I’m also using the same Anker 5 port and it does charge my iPad Pro on Apple’s USB-C to Lightning much faster. At the time I bought the cable, only Apple is making USB-C to Lightning so I haven’t tried any brand.

I just got the latest iPad Pro so I still have to test if even my USB-C supplied cable from RavPower will work or if I really need to use the Apple supplied cable instead.

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Just a short update, if anybody is looking for the same answer: I got the original Apple USB-C to lightning cable now and it works fine with that Anker charger. So the problem was the third-party cable.
Terrific how fast the iPad pro charges now.

Looks like Anker is launching much cheaper USB-C to Lightning cables soon:

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