USB-C Charger for both iPad Pro and MacBook

Hello! My wife gave me her old 1st generation MacBook which has 1 USB-C port.
I also have the 12.9 iPad Pro 3rd generation. I like the thought of only needing one charger for both the iPad and the MacBook when I travel.

My question is battery health. Will I damage one or both devices by too little or too much wattage?

I know both will charge but I am concerned / ignorant if there is one charger that will safely power both.


This article is a generation older, but I think the answer is still the same: no problem.


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I hope one day the iPhone will be USB-C. then I only need one charger.

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I bought a USB-C to Lightning cable to charge my iPhone X. So there you go. Except, you will have two cables. That’s all.