USB-C Done. What next for EU to standardize

120Hz refresh rate, hopefully.

You’re correct; it is now whay Musk wants it to be a right-wing cesspool.

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That 1.73875 ml makes all the difference…

It occurs to me that a pub is exactly where one would find the sort of person with a loudly-argued-but-logical-sounding reason why that little bit extra matters. :smiley:


Subscription overload?

Imagine the uproar if they changed to UK pints :beers::joy:.

But since we are on the topic of EU standardisation: I suggest an EU pint of 500 ml. About halfway between US and UK pint and a rounder number, similar to the AUS pint. :eu:


Wrong. Difference is, right wing extremism gets removed / blocked / censored - as it should.

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It will all be moot soon if Musk’s plan to move Twitter behind a paywall happens after which its direct competitor will be Truth Social and the two right-wing owners can slug it out as they ignore user numbers rapidly decline.

Elon’s left wing. Just not far-left wing, as in the current administration. Many liberals are feeling lost with todays definition of ‘left’…

I think it’s important to remember that people don’t have to be on a “wing”. Elon probably averages to somewhere in the center, maybe leaning just a tiny bit to the right - mostly because he’s a “free market” guy.

The thing with Twitter/X/Elon is that he’s described himself as a “free speech absolutist.” He doesn’t necessarily agree with the views of the whackadoodle people - but he’s pretty committed to not censoring speech, unless there’s some sort of legal requirement for doing so.

I don’t think that’s the most horrible thing, as there are a number of things that are now commonly-known and accepted now that were “misinformation” according to social media platforms during the pandemic. But it’s definitely something where we need to figure out where the balance is.


Both how it was, and how it is, are as bad as one another.

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Extremism is the bookends of society. It exists far from the core of an ordered community.

Extreme of anything is usually bad.

Right and Left of politics are both valid, and keep each other in check.

I have no sympathy for ‘Far Right’ extremism, and agree it should be squashed.

But guys , it’s really frustrating as someone very much on the normal right to constantly be presumed to be ‘far right’. And to add insult to this, the media and a lot of people seem to think there is no such thing as the ‘far left’, you know?

Twitter is a good example. We all agreed how much of a dump it has always been, now apparently it’s worse just because it’s supposedly right wing content that’s more prominent, whereas before it was largely even moderate conservatism being censored or removed, now the tables have turned but in my estimation it’s equally as bad - so why do we slam Musk so much? It’s beyond me.

Sorry to de-rail, but this is genuinely the problem with the internet presently. Sad to see the Musk-slamming brought up even on here, one of the more open, impartial and rational forums on the web.

It seems all we ever see these days on the media is the extreme bookends of one side, or the other. It’s sad. Why can’t we have our beliefs, but be able to say “here’s where I think you could maybe re-think that”, and if someone disagrees so be it, we need to learn to respect that on BOTH ends.

Like the EU thing, I don’t like the EU at all or the principle that they force any tech company to do anything unless it violates rights or safety… But, I can admit it’ll be handy to have USB-C on everything. And even something as simple as that little criticism over this relevant topic of an Apple story involving the EU, boom, labelled some far right extremist / associated with Musk (who obviously does crazy things) but is hardly political, or extreme, to the extent he’s mocked as online.


Really! Evidence to the contrary.

But that’s probably enough thread-drift now.


Fortunately we have sites to rate publications based on the direction they lean, so we can consider the source when evaluating claims:

and even sites that actively track the stories that are presented by each media outlet, and categorize them by the political orientation of the outlets that report them:

The whole point of the above discussion - Elon aside - is that people are becoming all-too-quick to paint those they disagree with as “far-" or "-wing.” Reporting is selective, on both sides. Bias is real, on both sides.

It’s true of people, and it’s true of publications. It’s worth realizing and working to address.

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I quit trusting the US media several years ago when I ran across a story in a UK publication about a former president who had been openly having an affair. AFAIK not one domestic news publication had carried the story. Since then if the New York Times says the sky is blue I verify the story with the foreign press.

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As a UK citizen, I have to admit our mainstream legacy media is quite biased - probably as much as the US, but in a less dramatic / theatrical way (e.g. Fox/CNN rivalry).

About ten years ago I was studying during the afternoon and on TV in the background was the like, live stream of that days House of Parliament question time / statements and criticism of the government leaders. I listened in to it all.

Both sides made good points, explained excellent challenges we faced and solutions underway, things that didn’t work in the past and how we’d tackle it. The opposition had excellent, valid criticisms and they were responded to. Very little of it was nasty, or ‘smart’ or unproductive.

That very same evening, I saw the evening news and they mentioned and spoke about that parliament meeting as being a mess, being disruptive and hey had CUT it down to snippets, totally taking politicians out of context, highlighting bits that when isolated, seemed arrogant etc.

From that point on, I took anything on the news with a pinch of salt. It’s no surprise people are so polarised with the media cherry picking things to portray totally opposite situations to how the full thing happened

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This is why I’ve made it a practice when dealing with the media to only do so in written form. I will not be interviewed for TV reporters without a written commitment that they will air the interview without edits, or seek my approval for those edits. I learned this valuable lesson early in my career. My stock answer when approached by the media for an interview is, “Please send your questions to me and I will be happy to respond by email. If you wish to interview me, I will do so only on the condition that you air the entire interview or I give my approval for planned edits.”


My stock answer to them would be concise, two words :blush:

That’s not really an option for me for several reasons. :blush: