USB C mandatory for iPhones in EU by 2024?

Not sure why Apple have been dragging their feet for so long really.


What happens when USB-D gets invented? Whilst I am supportive of unification, I worry that this will stifle innovation.


It cannot possibly be worse than the limitations imposed by Lightning and the complete lack of innovation on Apple’s part here. Apple’s decrying of this on the grounds that it will harm innovation would make sense if they had innovated their connector sometime over the past decade.


I don’t think, that at this time, the devices will have a wired charging anymore. More likely will there be QI for that, at this time.

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I hate USB-C with a burning passion. They’ve shoved too many standards under one flagship name with incomparable cables. It’s worse than HDMI.

I always use the latest version (currently Active Thunderbolt 3 and Version 4), and encountered never a problem with the down compatibility.

Yes, simply seeing a USB-C connector on the end of a cable doesn’t tell me much. Until I read a spec, I don’t know what protocols are supported, how much data or power can be supplied, or how good the wall charger at the other end of the cable is.


Is there a reasonable way to tell what type of USBC cable one has?

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We in the UK will get dragged along by this - as I doubt Apple will want to build specifically for the UK (minus Northern Ireland) market. (I expect USA market to want USB-C as well.)

Actually I expect this to be nearly moot as Apple probably want to move to wireless charging as standard as soon as they can. Mostly to reduce phone orifices.

I am 98,9% sure that this is NOT about the technology in the cable, but just about the shape of the plug. The shape has to be USB-C, the cable itself can use TB or whatever else there is.


I reckon Apple will be delighted and relieved since they’ve now got someone else to blame for forcing consumers to switch.

They’ve wanted to switch for ages but now, by waiting for the government to mandate the change, they have avoided a repeat of the PR backlash that happened when they chose to switch to lightning.

That’s my guess. Apple has been playing chess.


the EU will be a “legacy region” :slight_smile:
But kidding aside, I do think it’s sensible that someone tries to address e-waste seriously.
Just not sure this is the way to go about it.

Would make sure we can finally charge all devices with whatever cable you have lying around, I’m forever trying to locate my lightning cable in between all the usb A, micro and C stuff


Yeah, not really!
If you have a device, that comes with a cable, where is the problem at all!?
And if you are using 22 Devices with no own cable, you will probably not use them all at the same time. So it is more than enough to have the amount of cable avail. that is needed to operate the devices you want to use at the same time!
Currently I have 5 different shaped cable on my desk, this could be reduced to one or two with the new regulations!

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As a data transfer method, I think that you’re right that they implemented it poorly by not making it obvious what kind of protocols are supported throught a given connector/cable, but as a charging port it’s brilliant.

That does not comply with my experience.
All Higher Quality cable have a clear marking on it!
If you have some, that don’t have it, I would think that those are the rather low cost cable.

I understand that you want to be angry about USB-C, and that is OK, but you don’t have to be sorry, to be at the same time also a messy… :wink: :joy:

It is never a bad idea, to do some cable management, and this also means to have a label on your cable!
And if you buy a new product, that comes with a cable, it seems to be most likely that this cable supports the standard of your device. If you buy a cheap device, you might have to life with a cheap cable, if you have a USB 3.2 or TB3/4 device, it would most probably come with the right cable.

You are presently complaining about a problem, that ever existed, and is handled by the users for decades!
It doesn’t really matter, if the cable you have hanging around is one Lighting, one USB-A, one Thunderbolt, one USB-Mini, one of the old large Apple, one with a chinch, a HDMI, (and so on), or if those cable all have a similar connector on it, and could be used a cross a wide variety of devices.
The user has to handle it in the past situation, as well as in our current one!
If you buy quality devices/cabel there are markings on the USB-C cable (and on the device port!), that tells you pretty much exactly which standard the cable belongs to.
If you buy cheap, it might be a good idea, to just label the cable, or even just put a colored thread on it, or something like that.

I never thought that anybody else is thinking or doing things in the same way, like me!

That is just a complaint brought up here now from you and two or three others, who failed to have some real arguments, and therefore trying to bring a discussion down to those personal attacks…

Pretty lame…:joy::rofl::joy:

I don’t know who those are, but I appreciate that!

I currently have these four cables plugged into my USB hub:

So adding USB-C would make my situation worse. However if all the devices I have to plug into the hub were USB-C, that would make my life much better!

(FYI, the cables are for my Apple devices, and three different connections on Arduino boards, for which it seems like they can’t make up their minds!)