USB Restricted Mode On IOS 11.4.1

Reading up on the latest iOS release and am finding this:

“USB Restricted Mode is designed to shut off access to data on an iPhone or iPad when new USB accessories are plugged into the Lightning port, as long as it’s been more than an hour since you last unlocked your iPhone.”

Anyone know how this will affect audio playback when the phone is connected by USB? I use this in my car all the time. It would be real inconvenient if I need to unlock the phone after an hour to re-enable the USB Audio Out stream.

The article indicated that this timer was reduced from 1 week to 1 hour in the most recent .1 update, with no user-controllable way to adjust the time.

I might be reading it wrong, but it says “when new USB accessories are plugged in”. Possibly, this indicates that whatever is plugged in before the device locks will stay active, but if the USB device is replaced by another, the USB port will shut off one hour after that?


Thanks a lot!

Sounds like the reasonable way of doing it, and nothing that will interfere with normal operations of the iOS device.