Use iPhone as webcam - alternatives to EpocCam?

I wanted to upgrade my webcam for Zoom & Skype calls, then researched using the iPhone as an alternative. I found one solution, EpocCam ( that does the job - but it is fiddly.
The paid app runs on the iPhone and free drivers need to be installed on the Mac. Quality is good (WiFi or USB) but the iPhone app needs to be restarted if the call is interrupted.
Did anybody came across alternative solutions?

I am surprised this topic has not garnered more attention. (Whoops! I see it is only 3h old.)

In any case, I had this very same need/interest. Most sub-$50 webcams are sold out in my area at brick and mortar stores. I am surprised no developer has taken up this need, especially given the current situation with COVID-19. I suspect many school children and working adults are needing webcams for their desktop machines.

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I should probably have titled my post “OMG iPhone as a WebCam !!! (you will not believe step 2)”


@Alain, what about just running Zoom or Skype directly on the iPhone or do you need to run those from the Mac for screen sharing or file sharing purposes?

Indeed - most calls include sharing presentations of apps so the big screen is welcome.

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Hi @Alain I wanted to reach back out to you and see if you have solved this issue. I give Zoom presentations off my laptop (need to share slides in Keynote), but I’m considering using my phone as a webcam. How is your process going?

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Thanks for sharing @bowline. This looks interesting. I just requested access on the Camo website.

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I’m looking forward to hearing how this goes; I don’t have enough of a need to be a guinea pig, but if you’re able to share what it’s like, that would be deeply appreciated!

I’ll take on the role of guinea pig for this one…and will be happy to share my experiences. As it stands, I’m currently in the queue to gain access.

I’ve personally done pretty well with epoc cam. The secret is to use an old iPhone you have lying around.

I’ve generally had good luck with EpocCam as well.

I’ve used it with both my iPhone 5 and my iPhone 11 Pro Max and found that both worked reliably. The UI takes some getting used to, but is generally functional. I’ll be curious to see how Reincubate Camo compares.