Using a Laser Printer to Fill Out Blank Original Form On Unique Paper Stock

I received a blank form printed on a unique paper stock that I must complete/fill out.

Generally, I understand I can scan in the original and fill out the document electronically. However, when it gets to the task of printing out only the text I entered to the blank original document using a laser printer, I am at a loss on how to accomplish this.

To clarify, I want my answers only to be printed, not the rest of the scanned in document.


It was suggested that I use Photoshop to create layers within the electronic document and then print the text only layer.

I am hoping one of the PDF-specific applications would address my need.

Well, it appears there are a couple of options I came up with.

First, to clarify, what I am after is printing only the text elements that I add to a scanned document. Perhaps I could describe this better as a ‘text layer’ or ‘imprints’.

In ‘PDFPenPro v7’, I found that I have an option in the print dialog to ‘Print Imprints Only’. This appears to achieve what I want.

Unfortunately, I initially added text elements to my scanned PDF using ‘PDF Expert for Mac’ by Readdle. Therefore, ‘PDFPenPro v7’ saw the elements I added as just part of the rest of the PDF. I had to start from scratch, in this case.

The second option is to use Photoshop and add a layer for text only. I did not go down this route as I do not own Photoshop.