Using a VPN with Little Snitch

I use Little Snitch (v3) to selectively allow internet traffic from different apps to different destinations. I also just started using NordVPN to secure and obscure my internet traffic.

I’m noticing that whenever I use the VPN, Little Snitch reports connection attempts to IP addresses which don’t resolved to a domain. I assume this is as a result of the traffic being routed through the VPN’s servers rather than direct to its target. But the IP addresses aren’t all the same.

My question to anyone else in the same position is, how do I manage this? I don’t want to start allowing any app to connect to any IP address (else why bother with LS?), but I also can’t see how to control this if all traffic gets rerouted through NordVPN regardless of its destination. …or am I missunderstanding something obvious?

I’d really appreciate any suggestions!

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