Using Mouse Ipad OS 13

I started using my Magic Mouse 2 with my iPad and am not very impressed with how it is working. Am I the only one with problems. Are there other Mouse brands you would recommend.


I use a Logitech M535 with my non-pro iPad. Works OK except for an occasional scrolling problem (hesitates). What seems to be your problem?

Using a cheap Bluetooth mouse from Amazon which is working well.

TECKNET Bluetooth Mouse, 3000DPI Wireless Mouse, 24 Month Battery Life With Battery Indicator, 3000/2000/1600/1200/800 dPi

What type of problems do you experience? I also connected the Magic Mouse 2, and it works perfectly for me. Of course, I miss the gestures available on the Magic Trackpad, but otherwise, I have no lag or other issues.

Does this one allow to assign the side buttons to shortcuts or apps? :thinking:

Same as @airwhale for me, connected fine, no issues at all. Still trying to figure out what gestures etc I can use but the normal swipe works and movement is spot on.

I’ve tried using a Logitech and Magic Mouse and found the experience sub-par compared to a computer. It does work well but controlling applications feels limited.

A trackpad, on the other hand, feels much better and has many more gestures that make using it a worthwhile control for the iPad. For example, it is easy to swtich apps and scrolling feels more natural and less buggy.