Using Obsidian and Evernote together - new app ExportNote

I like the flexibility of using markdown files. Also, Obsidian has plugins that makes it a very malleable note taking app. But Evernote is simpler and more robust in many ways. I was trying to find a way to use both of them together.

I recently came across ExportNote that tries to save Evernote notes as markdown (also as html, if that’s your preference). The developer is adding features to make the markdown Obsidian friendly and I think this will be a great addition to my toolkit.

One can also use the app to keep local copy of Evernote notes. AFAIK, the new versions don’t allow local databases.

The app seems reasonably priced and works well based on my experience.

I’m sharing this here if it helps other Evernote users who would like to have these features.

You can read more about ExportNote at