Using Obsidian on more than one machine

Obsidian has personal use plans for free or a one-time fee. They have a Sync plan for $8/month.

I would really like to be able to access my obsidian on two different machines. Trying to replace Evernote. Is there are way to do this without paying $8/month?

The amount of data is relatively small compared to some users. I don’t mind paying, but would like it to be less than $96/year.

I don’t care about encryption or email support.


On the free plan, if you sync via iCloud, you can use a Mac, iPad and iPhone all with Obsidian. I don’t have two Macs (if those are your two machines), but I suppose that would work fine.


Put your Obsidian vault in iCloud and it’ll sync to all your machines that use iCloud

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Take care.

Obsidian sync via iCloud as @ThatGuy suggested is mainly fine.

But, I’ve always have errors and hiccups with plugins and Templates in the vaults that have them, for both iCloud and the fee-based Obsidian Sync. My vaults on macOS have become very customized with the plugins and CSS snippets I use, so I’ve given up on using Obsidian on my iPad because Obsidian Sync tends to rip things to shreds. Obsidian Sync can be configured to turn off syncing those custom elements, but then what’s the point of working with the vault?

I think if you do no custom configuration whatsoever, then Sync (or iCloud) is safe.

Just a fyi that I’m using obsidian sync on two Macs, and four IOS devices. I sync all the settings, I.e. no fancy settings, and it syncs automatically without a hitch.

Yes that is a trouble as ipad and mobile Obsidian doesn’t behave well with desktop settings. I had that issue too. I have overcome that by having device specific settings in the vault. And slowly optimise your individual devices to fit your taste as well as the form factor of your device. I started with having zero plugins enabled and then slowly built it on each device based on my needs. This approach takes time but ensures access to Obsidian on all your devices.

You can access device specific settings (configuration) by creating a new profile (config) say .ipad or .iPhone or .Mac under About of obsidian settings.

Hope this helps. It definitely has helped me :+1:

It’s all plaintext so stick it in your cloud storage solution of choice, or Git, etc. Very flexible.

Thanks for all the replies - what does paying the Sync subscription provide that free sync on iCloud does not?

Sorry, I don’t see anything about “profile” in About in Obisidian settings on either macOS or iOS Obsidian.

I really do appreciate the advice. I think, given Obsidian’s growing user base, that needing to slowly tweak the settings to get to an equiilibrium state that no damage is done to one’s data, is just not a reasonable commercial proposition. I have quite a bit of data in Obsidian, and my suite of plugins, templates and snippets works really well. I don’t want to even take a chance and have a reoccurance of the situation I had a few weeks ago when I had to spend a day recreating my configurations because something went wrong in Obsidian on the iPad that was magnified by Obsidian sync.


May be it is not suitable to your workflow.

Anyways see the attached picture which shows the area in About section for assigning different config (read as Profile). The pic is from Obsidian on my iPhone.

Good luck with your workflow :+1:

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End to end encryption, and versioning.


Others have covered sync so wanted to offer that depending on how you use Evernote, it is not a 1:1 replacement. If your focused mainly on text / writing then it is a great option. If you do a heavy mixture of research, files, etc then look at Craft.

Are you using their paid Obsidian Sync service? If so I would be curious to know how well its working…

Does storing your Obsidian vault work as well in Dropbox as it does in iCloud?

You can store the vault on Dropbox – make sure you test with a copy of the vault before you commit to doing this. I would only do this if the files are kept locally. I am not sure you can sync mobile Obsidian on an iPad or iPhone with that Dropbox location though – this was not possible last year, and you’d have to check with the Obsidian forum gurus to see if it’s yet possible.

I’ve found obsidian doesn’t work on Dropbox if you use iOS / iPadOS. Works fine if you’re Mac only. This is due to the sandboxing that iOS forces where apps can’t see each others folders (very frustrating feature for the main).

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Surely using iCloud is E2E encrypted too?

I believe it’s encrypted, but Apple has the keys to decrypt it. With Obsidian only you have the key.