Using Omni Sync Server

For syncing between OmniFocus for Mac, iPhone und iPad i used my own WebDAV-Server. Recently it became unreliable so that i switched to Omni Sync Server. Works much better for me.

I just wanted to ask how many of are still using your own WebDAV-Server for that or do you just trust Omni for that. Does anybody had any issues with Omni Sync Server? I just do not want to lose my data.

  • Using Omni Sync Service without issues
  • Using Omni Sync Server with issues (please comment)
  • Using own WebDAV without issue
  • Using own WebDAV with issues (please comment)

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All the best, Stefan

Periodically I lose connection and have to go back in and reset stuff.

I do not trust Omnifocus with my personal data. So I must do it myself.

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I’ve used the Omni Sync Server since it was in beta, I think, and have never had any issues with it.

I still use the “Mail Drop to Inbox” feature¹, even though there are other ways of getting things into OmniFocus these days. It’s just nice and simple and easy.

I don’t see any downside to it.

¹ see your custom email address at

I have used the OmniSync service for many years. Never been a problem for me. While I absolutely trust the team at the OmniGroup, any computer with public interfaces can be hacked. The contents of my current and completed tasks will be the most boring section of a Wikileaks dump ever, so I fail to see the threat vector here.

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ah thank you for that hint :slight_smile: