Using the Microsoft Teams calendar on iCloud

In my office we are all using Microsoft Teams since we have Business Essentials license. However I have not been able to add the calendar shown in Microsoft Teams to my iCloud account. I would really like to see it in my MacOs and iOS Calendar/Fantastical.
I have tried to suscribe via CalDAV, using the correct login and password and it shows me it is not working. I am not so sure about the server route…but I took it from the browser. Not sure where to get the parameters.
Perhaps it is something that is not possible to do.
Has anyone been able to make it work? Thank you

Do you get anything from this calendar if you add it as an Exchange account and only select calendars to sync?

I went down this road before.

Do you have Outlook as part of your subscription? The only way I could get work calendar onto the Mac calendars was to use Outlook on the web to publish my work calendar. That gave me the correct URL to use in calendar on my Mac but it was read-only.

You have to add the subscription on your Mac, then you can see it in iOS.

FYI people have been having issues syncing MSFT and iCloud Contacts as well as Calendar data from the Windows side as well, with people reporting sync issues, sometimes with iCloud events disappearing from their Windows calendars.

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Have you tried accessing the calendars in SharePoint? Microsoft Teams uses SharePoint as a back-end. I’ve found it’s sometimes easier going that route.

Maybe @OBG888 is trying to do something more complex but the calendar I see in teams is my personal exchange calendar. Add your exchange account to fantastical/busy cal/macOS and you should see it as well as in outlook, and everything should sync.

No, I only have Business Essentials… no outlook… Perhaps this is the problem.

Perhaps the problem is that I am not setting the account as exchange… :thinking: I will check

Hey! I set up the account as Exchange and now I can see my calendar! Thanks for the tip!!! you are the best